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Best online casinos

Grand Mondial Casino Winners

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With the advent of online gambling, the Grand Mondial Casino has emerged as one of the most reputable and trusted sites to play. It has become very popular for offering a wide variety of games and also providing players with the comfort of playing at their own homes. Being a member of the Casino Rewards group, the Grand Mondial Casino is a reliable gaming platform, offering its players huge chances of winning and becoming millionaires. Are players winning and making money with this casino? Absolutely! Let us look at some of the Grand Mondial Casino winners stories.

Mega Moolah is Making Millionaires!

People are playing the Mega Moolah on this casino and it’s changing their lives for the better. Take for instance a player by the name K.E. He was just trying out this amazing casino and one spin of a 50 cent bet turned him into a multimillionaire. He went ahead to win a whopping $5,556,753.68 in just a matter of seconds. N.C. placed a bet with only 50 cents and went ahead to a massive $8,453,754.28. There are players who are joining and winning millions on the same day. When K.T joined this casino, he didn’t think that it would turn out to be the best choice he made. He won $1,413,537.73 on the same day he joined playing Mega Moolah. The newer version of mega moolah is now called mega vault millionaire, there is a lot of hype right now, its got the same engine as Mega Moolah so it may be worth it to try.

People Are Winning the Jackpots

Even though most people think that winning the jackpot is hard, some Grand Mondial Casino winners would disagree. M.K decided to try out the casino. He signed up and was offered the first deposit bonus. He played using the first deposit bonus and won a jackpot worth €20,000. D.H placed a bet with just €15 and managed to win €256,798. What about A.F. who won $1,009,402.70 the 5 Reel Progressive slot just using his phone! The Grand Mondial jackpots are transforming lives of people who never even thought they would become millionaires. Grand Mondial Casino has become so popular that even Slovakia offers now the opportunity to Slovakian players to play online and find out more information about Grand Mondial on

Slots Are Producing Winners

The various slots at this Casino are making people win big. T.D met his luck after trying the Playboy Slot and ended up being a winner of $64,000. And, it’s not T.D only, there are thousands of players who have played slots at this casino and won lots of money. For instance, K.S tried the Cash Splash progressive slot jackpot and won 33,800€. Besides slots, players like have also won CA$36,000 using the Casino Rewards Millionaires Club available at Grand Mondial Casino.

Don’t be left behind! These are real stories of Grand Mondial Casino winners whose lives have been transformed completely. Register today and you find yourself winning even on the same day. This casino has a user-friendly design and friendly customer support to handle any questions you may have. The casino is also highly secured to ensure that you play safely. Not sure how to play yet? A good site to check is; make sure you check out their casino tips section if you’re a beginner!

Best online casinos

Yukon Gold Casino Bonus

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Yukon Gold Casino is one of the oldest and credible casino online. Offering slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and many new age games, Yukon Gold Casino has a play for everyone. It has always complied with the rules and regulations, making it a legitimate and fair gaming platform. Realising that the best way to get over people’s apprehensions is to maintain an easy and neat payout system, Yukon utilizes many channels to facilitate and expedite payouts. It has become one of the best online casino, specially in Canada where Yukon Gold Casino is now the most popular online casino. If you feel like you could be a lucky player with Yukon Gold, jump straight away on and get started!

But it will always be the Yukon Gold Casino bonuses that will endear their clients to them. The Casino prides itself in its fair offers and sizeable returns to its clients by way of bonuses. It is the reason why people trust the casino and keep coming back to experience Vegas in the privacy of their own homes. Here is the list of bonuses that you can avail at the Yukon Gold Casino!

  1. 1st Deposit Bonus: On joining up for the first time and after having made your initial deposit you get 125 chances for just €10! These chances can be redeemed at any of our various slot games. This deposit bonus is available on making the minimum deposit as well. Try them out and don’t be surprised if you end up on the winner’s list by today itself. Remember, it only takes one chance to make your fortune and you have 125! You can find out more details about this bonus and the games you could try to play with by checking
  2. 2nd Deposit Bonus: Whenever you make your 2nd deposit with Yukon Gold Casino you will receive a 100% Match Bonus up to€150! This means that the Casino will match the funds you deposit with them, but only until the €150 maximum limit. This means depositing €50 will bring your net deposit to €100, depositing €150 will bring it up to €300 and depositing €250 brings your total to €400. This bonus is only applicable on the second deposit you make and not on any subsequent deposits. It doesn’t get better than that.
  3. Casino’ Rewards Loyalty-Program: The Casino Rewards’ Loyalty-program was established in 1999. It is one of the oldest Casino groups. You are enrolled for this program the moment you sign up and become a member of the Yukon Gold Casino which is a member of the Casino Rewards’ network. You accrue VIP points each time you play. You can redeem them not only in the Yukon Gold Casino, but also any of the Casinos within the vast Casino Rewards’ network. For more info on this loyalty program, you can always check their official site or check out, you’ll find details on Casino Rewards and more.

The Yukon Gold Casino believes in responsible gambling and fair play. Therefore, the client always comes first. Come try your luck and experience for yourself the experience that we wish to provide you with!

Baseball in Canada

Best Baseball Players

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Baseball can be said to be the favorite pass time for many Americans today. The game has been in America’s history for many decades now. The game is popular among many Americans because of its consistency over the years even as other games rise and fall. With baseball, it is also easier to compare players’ performance and rank them. This is because of the consistency of the game even in different geographical locations. Below is a list of the best baseball players of all time:

  1. Babe Ruth

There is no debate on the position of Babe Ruth in Baseball. He is not only the best baseball player to ever live, he is also one of the most important baseball players in the history of baseball. He is one of the players that played in the artificially limited talent pool. This was before Jackie Robinson managed to break the color barrier in the year 1947. The arrival of Babe Ruth into baseball marked the end of dead ball era, because it was so seismic. Having joined the majors in the year 1914, the record was 27, for the home runs. After playing for 7 years, Babe Ruth managed to raise the record to 59, and he even managed a personal best in 1927, of 60 dingers. He has a 690 career slugging percentage, which has remained the best even today.

2. Willie Mays

Willie was named the best all round player due to the 12 Gold Glove Awards he brought home consecutively, from the year 1957-1968. One of the most iconic moments of not only Willie Mays’ career but also in the history of baseball was the New York Giant’s win in the World Series Game. Willie Mays led to this win by his over-the –shoulder catch which was at the warning attack in the eighth inning. This helped the New York Giants to win the game that was tied and scoop the victory. It was this win that also opened opportunities for the New York Giants to take home the championship.


Baseball can be said to be among the most followed games in the USA. It has a rich history and its consistency over the years also makes it attractive to many people. In addition to Willie Mays and Babe Ruth, Barry bonds is also one of the best baseball players. Many people however do not think so because he was a known user of steroids. However, it is important to know that the steroids did not have anything to do with his hand-eye coordination that led him to earn big wins for his team. It is also important to know that he was already a baseball star before he began juicing.

Baseball players & Casinos

4 Reasons Why Baseball Players Love Casinos

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Although most sports communities shun the option of gambling for their players, history is proof that there is something with the casinos that is hard to resist. Baseball players are no exception for this. But why do they indulge in the sport that would jeopardize their careers? Here we bring 4 reasons why baseball players love casinos.


Being a baseball player means tours to various places every now and then. Exploring new places also means exploring the casinos there. Casinos do make a great option for spending some time during the tours, if you manage to stay off the hook. Many players admit having made their first visit to casinos simply to have some fun.

The glamor and gusto that the casinos offer is the best way to wear off the fatigue after the game. With a healthy bank balance, an occasional splurge on casinos is no big deal.


Alex Rodriguez might have had it hard but most of the baseball players would accept to have fallen prey to gambling at least once in their life. What starts as a harmless way of recreation soon develops into an addiction which is hard to get out of.

Many athletes have confessed that the addiction of placing bets in casinos started from one small bet and grew into a big monster not ready to be tamed. Although we have heard stories of people becoming billionaires overnight, the stories of successful celebrities running out of wealth are not new either. There are also nice stories of casino players winning big! “It’s all about balance” told us Max, an expert of online gambling who has won 3 big jackpots at onlinegamblingworld, a trustworthy worldwide site.

Love for the game

For retired players, this becomes a way to connect with the sport again. The casino serves as a great place to place bets on the outcome of the game. With years of experience on the field, retired players have confidence in their predictions.

They see it as an opportunity to show off their skills as well. Commenting on the new players, analysing their game and predicting the future of the sport brings a sense of nostalgia.

Many of the bets on such games come from the players who just want to stay connected with the game.

The thrill of winning

This is a never-ending cycle of winning and losing. Athletes run on adrenaline. The uncertainty of the outcome and possible victory is a great source of thrill. Greater the stakes, more the adrenaline rush.

After a time, this rush becomes a habit and one cannot live without it. This thrill makes them go from one game to the next, starting a vicious cycle of betting.

With the security of money, baseball players do not gamble to make it big. Often it is just a way to test their luck and have some fun. There is also a sense of righteousness attached to it. It is not wrong to splurge on bets if no one gets harmed! One way to make sure you’re not investing too seriously is to use bonus codes like “qweww” which can be found on websites that provide bonus codes for online casinos.

Baseball in Canada

Guidelines On Playing Baseball In Canada

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Every baseball player in Canada who is serious about the sport desires to become the best hitter they can be. Even major leaguers always seek to improve their hitting. You should also want to learn how to hit better the baseball in Canada. If you are not into sports but still enjoy entertainment, maybe you should think about paying online casinos. Luckily, Canada is one of the top country with the best online casinos. If you live in Quebec and speak french, might be worth checking. But for the time being let’s go back to baseball!

Players, parents, and coaches should all be interested in learning the secrets to hitting better. Parents can encourage their children and give pointers. Coaches have a huge impact on teacher their players the hitting skills they need. If the following skills are practiced regularly, players’ hitting abilities are sure to improve.

The basics include hitting mechanics, confidence and the right timing. Let’s touch on hitting mechanics first. If we don’t go over the mechanics of hitting baseball in Canada then we are doing a disservice to ourselves. Remember, even professionals work on basic mechanics every day. They get to the ballpark early to practice hitting and fielding. Those basic mechanics are:

Hitting mechanics

Stand shoulder width in the batter’s box for maximum balance and bend slightly at the knees and waist while holding your bat in a vertical position six to eight inches away from your chest.-Wait for the ball and keep your shoulder and hips closed until it’s time to swing.

  • Always have your head pointed towards the pitcher and keep your eyes on the ball at all times.-Try to have a smooth and consistent swing no matter where the ball is pitched.
  • Make sure you follow through with your swing


Confidence is most important while hitting the baseball in Canada. Remain in control, be selective and hit your pitch. Don’t swing at the first pitch for a while to get the feel of the pitcher. If your at-bat goes all wrong, don’t let it get you down. Even if you have no hits in three at-bats, the next at-bat might be the one to win the game or sustain a rally for your team. Stay calm and in the game.

Right timing

When referring to right timing for baseball in Canada , it’s not about the timing of your swing. Instead, it’s the reality that sometimes the hits fall for you and sometimes they don’t. You can have all your mechanics and confidence down to a science, but sometimes you hit it right at a fielder or you hit the ball foul by one-half inch. That’s part of the game everyone goes through. If it wasn’t, then everybody would hit.750 or better. If you want to follow good guidelines, I recommend you to check as the tricks in Baseball are similar to the ones in gambling.